In the heat of the refugee crisis, I had to make some sort of response. Near my hometown andelsewhere in Europe the government reacted to the humanitarian tragedy with the installation ofbarb-wires or fences. During the World War II, Ljubljana was sieged and barb-wires were putaround the city. In Yugoslavia as part of commemoration they have installed signs with the wordPot with a red star in the middle of the letter O. These signs have been put on the way by wherethe barb wire used to be. This is used as a commemorative route since then. The name fromsocialist time has been renamed to Pot ob Žici (Way by the Wire). As a commentary on theextreme measure taken during this humanitarian crisis I have made a sign, that imitates the onesthat are in Ljubljana, with a content change. The red star has been replaced with the European 12stars and the colours have been changed to the one used in the EU flag. Furthermore the title inSlovenian comments this action even more trough a pun. While EU izdaja can mean EU edition, can be even read as EU betrayal.