I Will Be Forgotten But Hopefully Something Grows Out Of Me
Is a permanent installation in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland. With this project I explore the meaning of forgetting as an act of remembrance or at least an integral part of the process of remembering. The intervention in the forest started as a simple structural form built from leaves, sticks and seeds found in the area. The sculptural nature of the initial form has been left in mercy to nature. Rain, wind, animal crossing, snow and ice. Trough the act of transformation and with passing of time the initial form will be assimilated in the space. Some of the seeds from the pile have sprouted and possibly will grow in bigger plants. The project as it is has no clear ending as the final form of becoming part of the surrounding is part of the act of forgetting. With this small gesture and my removal from the “sculpture” I intended to fulfil the practice of forgetting in art.