In the project Inside_Outside the artist addresses our inability to transfer our conscience into the digital world. As we are all consumed whit how our digital persona will appear online in form of a picture, quote or 'like', we forget to reflect on how would our inner life be projected digitally.
The artist tries to convey this in a series of rendered pictures, obtained by 3D scanning a real human body and then transferring it into a 'computerised world'. As the post human view thinks of the body as the original prosthesis, the scanned body also (ironically) finds itself hollow after entering the digital world. The hollow husk is looked upon from the inside to discover an ecosystem that was previously not visible to the human eye and reveals itself as an airy dimension supported by the remnants of the physical body. The supports act as a subsidiary structure for our otherworldly conscience in a world where the informational pattern is privileged over a material embodiment.  
The pictures give us time for introspection while making us see the embodiment of our conscience in the digital world and time to imagine how it would look like to feel, think and empathise enclosed in a virtual body.